Introduction - Welterman International Ltd.

Welterman was promoted in 1992 by the Dhanani Group of Companies as manufacturers of leather soles with technical assistance from one of the world leaders in footwear and footwear components manufacturing machines industry MA-MECC from Italy.

Mr. Kayum Dhanani, Managing Director, is at the helm of this operation and comes with international education, learning and expertise. He handles day to day functioning with a specialized team of people with many decades of sole manufacturing behind them. In- depth knowledge and a sound technical base enable Welterman to compete with other sole manufacturers and suppliers anywhere else in the world. Trained technicians, skilled workers and streamlined systems allow for smooth functioning and timely deliveries. Leather is developed and bought from dedicated tanneries closely associated with Welterman and work to exact client specifications.

Welterman manufactures leather soles, rubber soles, TPR, TPU & PVC soles, specialized injected soles and leather soles with masonite heels. It has computerised designing and pattern making studios. The production capacity is 18 lakh pairs of leather unit soles per annum. It is located close to Vadodara in Gujarat.